Conte di Monte Cristo is a vintage boat built in the Berti boatyard.

This type of boat has been the last one to be used to work in the Adriatic sea. In facts, boats were common in the Romagna coast between the end of Fifties and during the Seventies. The activity of this kind of boats grow up during the economy boom. The turism become a mass phenomenon and boatyards think of a new type of hull; the new hull has to transport many passengers, to go faster than previous models, to be easy to manage and to navigate even in no deep river bottoms. So a new hull was born: it is large enought to warrent stability and it has a flated shape on the water.
In Sixties, post cards showed boats like Conte di Monte Cristo every 50 meters along the Italian seaside. First docks and ports hosted many boats like this. In Seventies boats like Conte di Monte Cristo disappeared due to the invention of motor vessels that are more spacious and go faster, but have less charm.
Nowaday trere are still few boats like this. They served like vintage boards in Cattolica, Cesenatico and Riccione beaches. One of those boats is employed to bring bathers on a stroll in the Po's Delta Parc.