Po di Maistra's Route

The boat goes through from Boccasette to Ca' Venier.

This route is 12 kilometers long and fauna lives spontaneously with flora in a changing environment between water and ground.
The «Serenissima» decided to redirect the previous Po's estuary because of the risk to bury under sand the Lagoon of Venice, this is why the current estuary exists. They decided to cut the river toward east direction, near Porto Viro, thanks to an artificial channel of about 8 kilometers. From 1600 to 1604 the artificial channel was digged and in 1604 the channel was filled up of water and it has been called Venice's Po. After crossing the artificial channel, waters taken a notural direction toward north-east and created the Maistra's Po. Now the Maistra's Po is the main channel of the current estuary. New areas appeared thanks to rubbles carried by the river. In 1670 Venice began to sell these new areas to the nobility. Aristocrats like Farsettis, Pisanis and Veniers were the firt to buy these areas and they began to build villas and villages. So nowaday we can see Ca' Farsetti, Ca' Pisani, Ca' Verier and so on. This is the current Po' estuary origin.
By surfing on the river, the Vaporetto wants to tell this and others stories of people that have worked hard to change an hostile area to a undiscovered natural heaven.


Technical datas
Departure Boccasette
Arrival Boccasette
Duration 210' / 240'

Oasi Val Pisani (restaurant)

Ca'Tiepolo (bar and restaurant)