Boccasette's Route

Boccasette's Route
Starting from the turistic dock of Boccasette, we will surf untill the Maistra Po's estuary. Surfing between lagoons and rushes you can see different types of birds, in particular during low water periods. Then you will joint a beach above sea level where if you are equipped and if the weather allows it you can bathing. Looking around and behind you, you can see pile-dwellings covered by paludal canes; these buildings are used as hunt posts and it is possible to visit a post. Following this route you will pass through a very little channel between rushes to joint the wood bridge that connects Boccasette to the solid ground. From this point you come back to Boccasette.
This route lasts about 2 hours. You pay 60 € per head maximum fot the route, the rent of the boat and the guide skipper.
Plese note that it is possible to spend the all day on a desert beach by agree upon starting and finishing hours. Moreover we can advice you about the equipment for this possibility.

Technical Datas
Departure  Boccasette
Arrival  Boccasette
Duration 150' / 240'


(little beach sea level with possibility of bathing)