Maestrazza's Routes

The Po Maestrazza is a branch of the Po Maistra day, now partially extinguished until the last century Part of this branch is transformed into a wetland full of small lakes and waterways with small to medium sized boats. Do not tell rarely meet Herons, Cormorants, Bitterns and rare niticore.
The tour continues to the confluence with the Po di Maistra which leads to the old dewatering of Ca 'Venier. The hydraulic machine still need to keep the island ononima, unencumbered by rainwater.

maestrazza 01
Scheda Tecnica
Partenza Boccasette
Arrivo Boccasette
Durata 110' / 150'


(piccola spiaggia emersa, con possibilità di fare il bagno. tempo permettendo!)

maestrazza 02